Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sophia Raday lives in Berkeley, California, with her soldier/police officer husband, their four-year-old boy, a bipartisan dog,
and assorted firearms. In marital disagreements, Sophia is apt to say, "Honey, you aren't being present with me." Whereas her husband might say, "You're messin' up, Troop!" Her recent work appears in three books released winter and spring 2006: Tied in Knots: Funny Stories from the Wedding Day(Seal Press); Mexico, A Love Story (Seal Press); and Using Our Words: Moms and Dads Write About Raising Kids in the Modern Neighborhood (NPN). Sophia's column on literarymama.com, Mommy Athens, Daddy Sparta, was mentioned specifically when Forbes cited Literary Mama as one of the best websites of 2005. In June, 2006 her essay "Diary of a Soldier's Wife", was featured in the Modern Love section of the New York Times. She is at work on a forthcoming memoir of her bipartisan love affair, including the impact of her husband's recent deployment to Iraq (Beacon Press, 2008).


Blogger "Dootz" said...

LOVED your "Expecting" article: me, the adopted son to two people who waited years and through three miscarriages in the early 60s... so, thank you for writing so eloquently and honestly about the process.

Fame becomes you.


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